How Will You Do With The Yellowing Of Old UK Replica Watches Dials?

Nowadays, watch is one of the most worn accessories. However, ater the long-term use, the appearance will inevitably lead to dirt or flaw . The yellowing of watches is a problem that many people will encounter, which seriously affects visual effect. Then how to deal with it? Here I will introduce the method of clean the dial to you.

Why does the dial turn yellow?

Take the antique copy Rolex watch as example. The dial is made of brass. With mechanically or silver-plated finish, it will be presented in beautiful silver or white. A thin layer of colorless transparent paint will be applied to the dial to protect the coating from oxidative deterioration. However, when silver is in contact with ammonia gas, hydrogen sulfide, a halogen element compound, and a sulfur-containing rubber, it is easily oxidized in the presence of oxidation and water.

The 30-minute counter and small seconds have been set at 3 and 9 o'clock separetely.

Steel Case Replica Rolex Oyster Chronograph

Cleaning Methods

1, Take a soft toothbrush which is stained with the shower gel or detergent to lightly brush the seam of the watch. Rinse with clean water and wipe with a clean flannel. Then use a hair dryer to blow it off.

2, It can be soaked in medicine especially for jewelry, then rinse with clean water

3, You can purchase the gold cloth at watch customer service to wipe it.

4, Use a eraser to remove the oxidative part.

The vintage Omega Seamaster looks very elegant which is quite different from modern Seamaster models.

Automatic Movement Imitation Omega


If your wristwatch is expensive, you’d better take it to the professional watch shop to clean and have the maintenance. For example, the Omega Seamaster fake with brown leather strap should be taken to the professional watch shop for cleaning. You may destroy the components of the timepiece if you clean it by yourself with the wrong method. If your timepiece is not very expensive, than you can try by yourself at home, but please be sure to remember to quickly dry it.

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