UK Fantastic Replica Omega De Ville 435. Watches In Memory Of 125TH Anniversary Of Omega

In 1848, the young watchmaker, Louis Brandt established a pocket watch processing factory.
In 1894, this two sons, Louis-Paul and César made the advanced movement, caliber 19. With innovative mechanical structure, the exquisite movement changed the whole watchmaking industry. They called the movement “Omega”.
In 1903, the two brothers named the processing factory as “Omega”.

The luxury fake watches are made from 18k red gold.

18K Red Gold Fake Omega De Ville 435. Watches

This year is the 125th anniversary of Omega. The world famous watch brand pushed out the special watches fake Omega De Ville 435.
The watchmakers of Omega took off the original movements from the museum, improved and polished them, and added them into the modern copy watches.

The 18k red gold copy watches have red dials.

Red Dials Copy Omega De Ville 435. Watches

The luxury watches replica Omega are made from polished 18k red gold. On the backs, there are badges of 125th anniversary that are made from red enamel. And the red dials are also made from enamels. Together, the well-designed watches have red alligator leather straps.

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